Trizen, AUR Helper

Anyone else used Trizen rather than Yaourt?

I’ve used both trizen and yay after pacaur was discontinued. Hard to pick a favorite but I like Go so there’s that


Trizen seems a little more in depth than yaourt is.

It sucks that pacaur is unmaintained. It was the best in its hay day. I used it for almost everything instead of touching pacman.

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Aurman? -> Github


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This is just a 404 for me

EDIT: links all good now :slight_smile:


I apologize, the link has been fixed!


Just use Yay.

I’m gonna look into this as well as yay. I must say that I’m intrigued as it’s the same concept pacaur was. Doesn’t depend on cower either. Very cool.

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Yes, and I think the most important thing is to know that we are not dependent on one or two software, unlike other distributions the “arch world” has several or dozens of options for the same purpose and this is good.

See an example, doing tests with pacui I see that it finds packages that pacli does not find and still shows all information about it. (I did not install the package, it was just a search test)

See the recommendation of an ex-developer -> Aur - Pacli

In action