Translation Project for ArchLabs

This is a project to bring ArchLabs system to other language besides English.

We want to begin for making a proper translation for the openbox’s menu, pacli, dunst, network, pipemenus, scripts and so on.

We are thinking on a way to make that possible in the installation.

Until now we are planning to use a git repository to make that possible, we are planning to collaborate with ArchLabs team for that.

Any idea to implement or improve this translation on ArchLabs, to help and make the translation are welcome! We need you!


This is excellent, thank you for starting this.

Going to post this as a banner to get more attention.


Sorry, life was had me tied up a little bit. I will be in and out. But I will assist where I can. Thanks @Dobbie03 for setting this forum up and for the banner.

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Where can I register? :man_factory_worker:
I’d like to help. Is there any text file in a key-value format to translate?

Register here :smiley: in this thread :smiley: . Or start a new one in your chosen language.

Oookay… I’d like to help in german translation. But where is supposed to be done? Could you please include the necessary source location? Thank you in advance.

This I do not know…I am getting my head around it. For your info our GitHub is here

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hi! i can help with spanish and portugues translation :slight_smile:
just tell me how can I help

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I think we would need to create a fork and call some thing like international or languages with in that hub. Then perhaps sub divide from there for each language set. Just a thought…

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Good idea. What are your plans the way to do it? Key-value file?

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I’m going to do some research on how to best implement this. Don’t want to cause any unforeseen problems. Also, we have to figure out how to let everyone know that they can install apps according to their language preferences. Also, do we need to implement during the stage where one starts installing apps when they configure their system or after install. I want to if at all possible make it easy and accessible.

A key value may be one idea in a menu… could be one way of doing it.

This seems to be the easiest approach, as an example, I use those k-V files, because they*re easy to maintain and only loaded at startuup of a software. Here is a reference: One internationalization Approach on SO
EDIT: Perhaps a simple micro-database could solve that.

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I can (do|help with) a dutch translation

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Hmmm using javascript and going through html. That may be your bridge. But where are you going to put your database. Git will probably be our best bet for that.

I help with Brazilian Portuguese!

I would like to know if it is possible to create a topic here or elsewhere to be able to show the advances in Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br), I think the visual question has to be exposed before being applied in text mode within the system, this is because a word has many variations and the menus can get large and thus lose harmony, see an example, modified a few lines to en, I tried simplifying and abbreviating the arguments.

Partially translated menu

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Hmmm, I would think we try to keep it together, then when other translators are stuck on how to translate a certain script, app, or menus, then it would be easier to see who to ask for that particular part of the project. Have to ask @Dobbie03 where we should put the data base for each language for easy access. Once we get that figured out, then we fill in the data base. I am hoping every thing that can be translated will be equal across the board.


Got it.
A single English word translated into Portuguese pt-br or pt-pt can have two or three words, I managed to leave the menu with the same aspect, but there are words there that can leave the menu very wide, in my language this menu (gif) was comprehensive and direct, It is also worth remembering that there is no translation for some words and this helps.

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