Touchpad not working

Hi, i have problems with my teclast f7 laptop. I just dit a fresh install of archlabs, but I can’t get my touchpad to work. Even an external mouse is blocked because of that error.
Dmesg | grep hud Shows
i2c_Syna3602:00 supply vdd not found, using dummy regulator
I found a patch for that error on
Is there anyway to get this into archlabs without rebuilding the kernel all the time?

Can’t help with this particular issue. But. First you should try to find a solution in Arch community (or Manjaro, Antergos etc.). If this fails then you can try to apply a general approach.

Have a read here:
More pointed would be:

See if any of the above is relevant to you.

Okay, i try it there.

Thanks for the links Chris. But my problem is that there is a bug with my device. I try to figure out, how to fix it the best way. I don’t wanna rebuild the kernel everytime.

Sadly to say, but I couldn’t get it to work. Not even rebuilding the kernel with the patches dit the trick. I swapped to Manjaro for now…