Totally frustrated with this beautiful fast linux distro! (updated title 12 hours later: "Not frustrated anymore, :-), loving it")

Downloaded and installed Archlabs.
Everything went smoothly.
Then what?
i3 is so frustratingly complex in terms of key bindings! Abandoned and went back to Openbox.
There is no documentation on this thing. What is Pacli and how do I use this? Where do I fiind Pacli? I want to install R for statistics using Pacman, cannot do it. It was a breeze doing these things in Manjaro. Why did I change?
Any help as to how to install packages in Archlabs using pacman would be greatly appreciated.

Try it with:

pacman -S r

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Have you ever used Arch? Its just the same.

pacman -S _package name_

Let the Wiki be your guide.


I just noticed this.

There is documentation actually, freely available on the internet. It’s not that hard to search.

Regarding Pacli. Notice the ‘cli’ in the name? Give you a hint. Open a terminal and execute ‘pacli’.

Who uses pacli to install packages anyway?


Thanks a million! Yes, it has worked!

Thanks Dobbie. I still could not get pacli to work. Thankfully pacman -S <package_name> worked (puzzling, quite magically now). Can’t figure out what I was doing wrong.
Archlabs is such a beautiful distro. I got it to work with an old netbook that struggled with almost everything I tried before! Amazing!
For us plebs, may I submit that we need more documentation. It took me a while to get the hang of i3, but for some strange reason, in the tiny screen I was working, I could not save text files. This is my first day first few hours with Archlabs. :slight_smile:

Glad you sorted it.

As far as documentation we have the ArchLabs Docs which you can access from the main Homepage

Contributing, we could do with all the help we can get., see here,


First I want to apologize.
But I confess that when I read the title in the list of recent pessei that it was something with “apt-get install” hahaha … :joy::joy:

Please check the image, the packages you are looking for no longer exist on the official basis.
And for ease, I suggest using yay or pamac, these two are supported by any Arch based system.

Exactly this.

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In case you are looking for more details regarding R and RStudio, you might want to check out this short thread as well: R, RStudio and other R IDEs

I am using R with RStudio and i3-gaps on archlabs and everything is working great.


Ah … welcome! :+1:

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@arinbasu The large magnifying glass icon at the top right of your screen is your key to the sum of knowledge upon this forum.

@Dobbie03 I’d like to make the suggestion, the forum borrow another BunsenLab’s idea of having a clearly defined ‘Getting Started’ section of the forum for new users to understand what ArchLabs is and who it’s intended for. Perhaps a place where all members could contribute to with regard to beginning “how to’s” and a pinned section with clear links to the ArchLab’s knowledge base, as well as the Arch wiki.


Good idea. Will get on that.

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Thank you for the links, Dobbie03. I did read the documentation and the links that point to the original resources are excellent. I later found that although I could not get pacli to work, I could find another bash script pacui to work on Archlabs and that solved the problems I was facing. As I write again, endless thanks to all of you for creating this beautiful linux distro. Once those things got sorted, it is a joy to use Archlabs.

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I found it weird that coming fron Manjaro which is also based on Arch you have/had issues on AL.

Glad that you figured it out on the end.


Thanks @altman. Well, as you know, Manjaro is different, it’s kind of Ubuntu, it has its own repos, plus it shows AURs in the pamac, the graphical package manager, the pacman gui end.

I liked that till yesterday till I realised the simplicity of pacui, :-), working with Archlabs is such a great experience. Besides, where I have startd appreciating Archlabs now, is Archlab’s incredible speed and efficiency. I am typing this on a tiny little atom processor based acer aspire one machine with 1 GB RAM using Vivaldi browser with two other tabs open. No lag as I type, nothing. I cannot believe my eyes as I do this. Manjaro would not let me do this. I never used i3 before, nor openbox (I used xfce4 that came with Manjaro, happily lived in their ecosystem, which is great, no doubt). Archlabs shown me a whole new way of doing things. I just hope there was a little more documentation for us the novices on Archlabs as such not the individual apps.


I use jupyter notebook with an R inferior process and it is working now. So all good. Thanks for the link, really good @xsme


Gee, didn t know that one could use an old Atom still @arinbasu ! Top job in there

It s been years I guess since I haven t been on Manjaro, which was good. can t say bad thing about it. Didn t know also that it changed that much .

Just do loads of readings on the web & some youtube on openbox, might give you a hand .
Yep, coming from XFCE (been on XFCE most of the time on Debian or Debain-based distros) is pretty different from Openbox or i3, never used i3 on my end, so can t help in here much.

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If possible, add a line in the rules for a small formal presentation, many arrive here ask a question and never again …, this action does not change the attitudes of some but it is talking that if you understand, this is the minimum since the exchange of information (help) is an act of “kindness” and “a great favor” as well.

And with a very enlightening title hahaha …

Getting started | Introduce yourself | Rules for a good coexistence!
(may seem like a lot, but it’s not)

It’s just an idea!

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Glad you got sorted! Arch Labs takes a bit of getting used to. Took me a while to grog that there is a difference between what’s straight up in pacli, and the AUR section. The others linked you to my thread on R and RStudio, the trick being you need to install R first and then find RStudio. Also check out Julia if you’re into that sort of thing.