Top stack in dwm?

Folks, I have the bottomstack (bstack) function in dwm, but I use topstack. I do it in a roundabout way (ie, use secondary as master). Is it an easy hack (in dwm.c) to have topstack functionality? I opened dwm.c and looked at the bstack function, it is not trivial to modify it for topstack. If someone has a fix, pl. post, will appreciate.

Do love all!

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This isn’t a technical question. Please post in the correct place. It keeps the forum tidy.

static void tstack(Monitor *m)
	Client *c;
	unsigned int i, n;
	int w, h, mh, mx, tx, tw;

	for (n = 0, c = nexttiled(m->clients); c; c = nexttiled(c->next), n++);
	if (!n) return;

	if (n > m->nmaster) {
		mh = m->nmaster ? m->mfact * m->wh : 0;
		tw = m->ww / (n - m->nmaster);
	} else {
		mh = m->wh;
		tw = m->ww;

	for (i = mx = 0, tx = m->wx, c = nexttiled(m->clients); c; c = nexttiled(c->next), i++) {
		if (i < m->nmaster) {
			w = (m->ww - mx) / (MIN(n, m->nmaster) - i);
			resize(c, m->wx + mx, (m->wy + m->wh) - mh, w - (2 * c->bw), mh - (2 * c->bw), 0);
			mx += WIDTH(c);
		} else {
			h = m->wh - mh;
			resize(c, tx, m->wy, tw - (2 * c->bw), h - (2 * c->bw), 0);
			if (tw != m->ww)
				tx += WIDTH(c);
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Thanks Nateji!

UPDATE: I applied the “patch” to dwm.c and made changes to config. There is a problem. The new layout DOES move the bottom stack to the top. HOWEVER, it “overlays” the existing window in the master. It does not move the master downwards. Makes the master unusuable (since most of it is covered). Also the bottom of the screen remains vacant. I guess what is missing is the master should move down to accomodate the top stack.

Single character typo, should be good now.

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Confirmed. Thanks again!