Too dark libreoffice buttons


(I didn’t find this issue reported anywhere. Maybe because i’m a noob?)

My libreoffice buttons are not much readable with the default dark :bat: theme. At least the most of them because they’re drawn in black on the (nice) gray background. Is it a bug ?

If you go into Preferences , then Appearances , you can change your Widget, & more to your tastes , it all depends on your own preferred settings.

You can tweak your install the way you want .

I would not say it s a bug, it s more something that you tweak yourself.

Also, what s your install, do you have Openbox ! or something else installed, it would help a little.

Ok thanks: went to Tools/Options/Libreoffice/View.
Icon style was set to Breeze. I set it to Breeze (svg+Dark) and then the foreground get white.

I’m using awesome at this time, but the same issue appears with openbox.