Tokyo Olympics

Nice !

They actually have some beaches with nice waves in there, but the best Japanese surfers usually live in Hawaii or Australia AFAIK.

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Mavericks is legendary brotha :ocean:

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Congrats to Brazil and him.

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Not really understanding the meaning of Haka, Mrs. Columbo saw it and culturally appropriate it a bit in our bedroom. It excited her but it adversely affected me, I was limper than limp-wristing a glock. Well the blue pill can always fix that. I don’t like it because I hate ingesting or injecting anything for a “quick fix”. :wink:

Me either @leo00 , but we should read that ! Used to watch them on TV here, was interesting to say the least !

It must be to impress the competition

What a world, what an Olympics!

I was thinking since the Olympics started, that I’m seeing many transgenders competing with females in some sports, but can’t find transgenders competing with males at any sport yet.

Do you guys know some transgender who’s competing with males? If you guys know some pls let me know.

I know that this is a delicate topic, but I’m just curious.

None, as far as I know.

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Hmmm, that’s interesting… :thinking:

Hardly any. Easier to lop off then to grow. Easier to medal. Yeah, I won’t want to meet them in alley with their repressed rage.


It was specific for the Olympics, coz of the limitations that the topic imposes.

One of our best friends is a transgender women, but unfortunately she doesn’t care about sports – just gym – so I can’t ask her. The best I could get from her a few days ago, was when she was talking how she loves to watch the Volleyball guys lol

I have no idea mate, this is a very complex topic, specially on Olympic sports like boxing, judo and Olympic wrestling where the girls would be in a clear physical strength disadvantage and could get seriously injured.

Yeah I agree brotha, you’ve made a very good point, I’m sorry but I forgot to mention it in my answer. I’m eating shrimps and drinking bad beer here while typing hahah

Hmm, only now I think I’ve got your point rightly.

Oh man, this will take a lot of data huh
Maybe it will be possible in the future, let’s wait and see what happens.

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Wonder if they ll have a separate division or whatever for the transgenres, would not surprise me at all.

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Agree mate, coz objectively speaking, the difference in strength is still significant enough for many girls to feel worried about serious injuries or feel cheated in terms of overall performance.

May this changes in the future… I don’t know.


Pretty weird I think.

lol, you bet mate.

One of the great matches in the tournament.


Yep, saw that in the news !

There have been some that have tried out, but did not make the Olympic team. There are a few playing collegiate sports.