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Thx, been watching them in the restaurant today. Looks weird without spectators

I found watching the MLB and NFL games better without the fans in seats. Why? Because who wants to see this?



lol, you bet mate !

Looks like they re in a heavy metal show !

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Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. borrowed from them…

Back to topic: haven’t caught any of the games yet, but I do plan to watch the soccer matches. And especially women’s beach volleyball. It’s better than watching skateboarding.

Lol, yep.

Looks like they were at the wrong date & hour !

That should be an interesting race;

Loved the archery mixed doubles final — the Korean bloke was shouting like a maniac before and after each shot. It worked though; maybe I should try it.

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This is great! Believe it’s Tunisia’s 1st ever gold medal in swimming games.

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Naomi Osaka is out!

Wow, yep, these are the Olympics, you never know what will happen.

Yes, Japan’s table tennis wonder-kid, Harimoto is also out.

Weird right ! Wonder if it has to do with either pressure &/or the fact that it has been delayed or such

I would say pressure. Japan is the hosting country. Japanese players have tremendous pressure to win medals on their own soil.

Simone Biles withdraws from the team final & individual all-around final due to “medial issue” (NBC calls it “mental issue”). It’s sick to see her story occupies the front page of almost every newspaper & web portal with praises. C’mon, you choked in the battlefield. A soldier does that in war will be punished in court-martial.


Yeah, always more pressure for home athletes to perform well and win gold. Even more so if the sport originated at home.

Very glad for these 2. Their wishes came true for them.

This is a bit too way hyperbolic to compare an international gymnastics competition to storming the beach at Normandy, but gymnastics are a very high risk sport, if you’re not mentally all there, it can pose quite a danger to the individual. She is bowing out of the team event, if she has doubts about how she can execute her routine, then bowing out helps the team. Times are different from when say Kerri Strug stuck a landing with a bum ankle, because of the advent of social media and the internet, and with the Tokyo Olympics being one still under COVID protocol, hell with the whole world still dealing with it, everyone’s mental health has been affected.

Soldiers deal with a high level of anxiety too, and sometimes that anxiety can lead to a civilian being killed. The Olympics are not that.

Edit: I remember when a guest host on the Jim Rome Show compared an NFL game to war. He got so much push back on that comparison that he had to apologize for it a few segments later, and then when Rome came back the next day of air, he had to apologize for the guest host’s comment. Games and competitions in sports are not war, they are friendly competitions that have rules.

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