To TLP or not to TLP?

Good Day Folks,

I am using AL on a laptop, as is, without any additional power management packages. The only one I notice is upower, which I am assuming was installed by default.
Anyway, my battery life seems OK and I haven’t notice any crappy battery life issues.
My question to you is, should I install TLP and is there a guarantee that it would improve battery life?

Thank You.

I think it’s only going to test itself, the variety of hardware is huge and each one of us uses a group of different programs and this also influences, some apps leave executable in 2nd plane and others do not … it has the state of the machine, of the battery in yes, the way we use it … do the measurements without and with the TLP, this will answer that question.

My device is very old but I did not see changes between the AL and previous system, on the other hand I can say that the AL left my machine as it should be!

I still have not seen Arch based system better than AL. (but this is a personal matter)

I’m not quite sure I know what TLP is.

I tell you my experience, first I used it a few years ago.
now I use it safely and the cpupower.service goes down and it lowers me the temperature that is the thing that interests me the most, the battery almost never disappointed, to say never, is still new

Thanks for the link.