Tint2 wifi icon problem


I am doing a reinstall on a MacBookPro 8,1 (2011-2012) because of a kernel panic that I couldn’t fix.
I am now using linux-lts and Openbox (of course) Fluxbox and I3-gaps.
It’s amazing how fast this old laptop can be!! (I did install a 500gb ssd and that’s a part of it!)
I have a small issue with Tint2 and the wifi-icon. It often shows that I am not connected and it seems “frozen”. When I check by opening Firefox I am connected and sometimes after 5-10 minutes wifi-icon shows connection!?

I wonder why this i happening and if I can fix it?

# start the panel
tint2 &
(sleep 5; nm-applet) &

I have tried without (sleep 5…) but it makes no difference.


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That’s normal behavior.

nm-applet polls configured uri (default is http://ping.archlinux.org/nm-check.txt) every configured intervel (default 300 seconds/5 minutes) to determine the connection status. If the uri was down temporarily or the response didn’t come back properly, nm-applet displays connection is down until next try. You could change the uri to another server or shorten the interval to alter the behavior, but it’s not recommended.

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Thanks for answer!!

I guess I have to live with this then?

In other aspects Tint2 Is just wonderful.