Tint2 system tray

Hi there
I am using a fresh install of the latest Archlabs.
However I am having a small problem with tint2. After changing from polybar to tint2 , no system tray icons (sound, wifi etc) appear on tint2. How can I solve this?

@akak, you’ll need to install those services and ‘perhaps’ add them to openbox autostart.

Such as, nm-applet xfce4-power-manager and so on.

Then as @jainda has said, you can use the tint2 gui to enable them. Polybar is really the default panel in ArchLabs, tint2 is included but you’ve kinda got to trick it out yourself :slight_smile:

In tint2 setting, you can found Panel Items tab. In this tab in the elements availables you can see System tray, drag to Elements selected and restar tint2

Thank you both I think I got it now

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You will need to enable in your openbox autostart the following:

(sleep 5; nm-applet) &
(sleep 2; volumeicon) &

Or optional for volume

(sleep 2; volti) &

Don’t forget to install the apps too.

What I did was install python2-xdg,so did not need to add nm-applet,xfce4-power-manager etc. to openbox autostart.

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Having issues with blueman-tray and xfce4-power-manager, that’s exactly what I was searching for… I was wondering were to put explicit calls to them :smiley:
I ill revive this topic a bit though :slight_smile:

Is this still relevant ?
Because, nm-applet and volumeicon are always automatiaclly there; xcfe4-pwr-mngr sometimes; blueman-tray never.

Are the first two started elsewhere ?
Also, why the sleep? to force ordering ?

Mmmmmmh… seeing nm-applet and volumeicon in my .xprofile, I may have found the answer I needed :smiley:

Adding blueman-tray here seems to do the trick but order in sys-tray is random… any idea on how I could force it ? (ordering is set to ‘left to right’ in tint2)

seeing nm-applet and volumeicon in my xprofile

Bingo! :sunglasses:

but order in sys-tray is random…

Well you can try this:

sudo nano ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc

then go to the “# System tray (notification area)” and add “ascending” to systray_sort…

systray_sort = ascending

This is how i use it man, hope it serves you too.


mmmmh indeed!!
Ascending/descending should give the same result every time
Not perfect for my OCDs, but good enough, thanks

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