Tint2 netspeed indicator

i am kind of new to tint2
but after trying to find a way to add netspeed indicator in to tint2 panel i couldn’t find a proper method that works

You can use psuinfo tint2 executors.

The developer is active on this forum.

tint2 with psuinfo -

the executor for the system info:

# executor sysinfo
execp = new
execp_font = Office Code Pro Regular 11
execp_font_color = #DFDFDF 100
execp_background_id = 0
execp_centered = 1
execp_padding = 8 0 0
execp_command = psuinfo -Cukca -N -S3
execp_interval = 3
execp_rclick_command = uxterm -e htop --sort-key PERCENT_CPU

LOL, I’m to some degree read-only at the time, having no Linux machine in range on vacation. :wink: Thanks for sharing the executor.

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