Tint2 launcher

when switching to tint2 from polybar, all of the launchers look identical to the first launcher. when the launcher is clicked on, the icon changes to the proper icon for the launcher until reboot, then it is the same issue again. While not fatal, I would like to figure out what is causing it.

Thanks for any insights and help!


Greetings @dmh and welcome to the labs.

Apparently a recent update’s caused this issue, see here:


I don’t use launchers in tint2 or I would have noticed earlier. Hang in there, I’m sure a fix is in the works.

In the meantime, uninstall tint2, reboot and install tint2-git from the aur (I’d save your current tint2rc to be safe). I’ve confirmed this works on my testing box.


Yeah, I agree with your assessment. I am wondering what other issues are going to crop up after each update. I would also back up your config files as well as your skel file just in case.

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Thanks for the kind welcome @anon37345411. That worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip @sevenday4.


Oh, btw, welcome to Archlabs gang! We hope you enjoy this fabulous forum with great people on it. Hope you have a sense of humor, we will all need it for the onslaught is getting pretty thick.