Tint 2 - Panel - Launchers - Configuration

I am trying to add a launcher icon to the tint 2 panel.

Right click on dekstop to reveal the Openbox drop down menu >Preferences >Tint2 >Tint2Conf

This opens a Tint 2 pane called Themes. Select the menu icon there and a new pane opens called Properties. In the left pane chose Launcher.

A pane opens with two columns: the left side shows app launcher icons currently in the Tint 2 panel. The right column is supposed to show available applications to be selected with up/down/side to side arrows.

However, my list of available apps is stuck at the first few in the alphabet and won’t scroll down. I think I figured this out a couple of years ago but I cannot for the life of me recall it now.

I’ve never had that issue the few times I’ve used the gui to configure tint2. Maybe check the BunsenLabs forum since tint2 is a big part of their desktop.

It’s also easy enough to edit your ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc manually. This is from the dfault configuration (/etc/xdg/tint2/tint2rc)

# Launcher
launcher_padding = 2 4 2
launcher_background_id = 0
launcher_icon_background_id = 0
launcher_icon_size = 24
launcher_icon_asb = 100 0 0
launcher_icon_theme_override = 0
startup_notifications = 1
launcher_tooltip = 1
launcher_item_app = tint2conf.desktop
launcher_item_app = firefox.desktop
launcher_item_app = iceweasel.desktop
launcher_item_app = chromium-browser.desktop
launcher_item_app = google-chrome.desktop

You should have something similar. Just add the launcher_item_app you need to the list.

tint2 documentation on GitLab


I found it !! When you open the final pane I referenced above it is small and doesn’t reveal that in fact there is a scroll bar on the right side. Maximize the pane and that scroll bar is revealed so that one can scroll through all of the available apps and chose which to add to the launcher.

I knew it was there somewhere but it’s not exactly intuitive :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to respond.