Time keeps changing between Windows and ArchLabs

I set up a dual boot between Windows and ArchLabs. The problem is that everytime I switch to another OS, on ArchLabs the time is different but it adjusts automatically, with Windows the time becomes 2 hours ahead. How do I get both Operating Systems to match the time correctly?

Do you remember picking timezone on install? May have accidentally fudged and picked the wrong one. I would check that first.

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this is really a problem with dual booting to windows…

you can set linux to set time based on local-time and not UTC like it usually does.

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I did pick the right time zone for both Operating Systems. When I was using Windows and then I switched to ArchLabs, then the time would be different but then the time would atuomatically ajust to my time zone. But when I switch back to Windows it would be 2 hours ahead so then I would manually all the time have to ajust the Windows time to sync with the Internet time then it is ok but it keeps happening everytime I change the OS. I was wondering if there was a solution to this problem.

THanks mate I will give that a try and let you know mate.

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Switch Windows to use UTC like AL or switch AL to use LocalTime like Windows.

The former is not recommended in older versions of Windows < 7
See here regarding what to do https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/time#UTC_in_Windows


Thanks man I just ran the reg file and it is now changed to UTC.

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Sorry man on WIndows when I ran the reg file it said that it had changed to UTC but the same issue occurs where the time does not match on both Operaitng Systems I will try the cmd version now.

UPDATE: so it has been successfully added so I gotta see when I boot into the OS.