Tiling Window Manager on OpenBox (type i3)

Following a tutorial from a Brazilian blog I found some tips on the PyTyle, but I did not succeed, I received several errors and all related to x11, but searching I found the QuickTile // QuickTile Github // Aur which have the same proposal and works perfectly well in AL (I’ll make a video demonstrating)

Demonstration with PyTyle in Openbox (distro Slackware)

(I know the video’s author.)

Blog with the tips: Mundo GNU - How-To :: Tiling Window no OpenBox

More information here: Manual Tiling in Openbox

I know it’s possible to add some lines in /etc/xdg/openbox/rc.xml or ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml anywhere between the and </ keyboard> line.

Example: https://write.as/edit/ejov5h4if7owb
(I could not put the lines here, there are many, I think the forum has no option of “spoiler box”)

Now the question: Does anyone in the forum use something similar in Openbox to make i3 look like that?

(if the post is not in the right place I apologize, also for the mistakes)


Thanks for sharing.

I personally don’t use any type of tiling in OB. I like it just how it is :smiley:


Yes I do too, but I want to boost it … :grin:

Thx for sharing. Might be usefull.

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Have you tried using the tiling keybindings that are already part of the default install?

That’s all I ever do with openbox (fluxbox, Fvwm) - all three have excellent window management built in.

I tried pytile a while back, but it was a bit buggy and the python ate up some memory. Better off just going with i3, it’s actually easy to learn.


Yes, there in “example” has the additional lines.