Thunderbird with native Notifications

At last, the latest testing version of Thunderbird has finally received native notifications. We can be rid of that ugly as sin old notification window.


at least 5 years too late lol

Should have evolved with Evolution. Thunderbird just woke up from its sleep. :grin:

Thunderbird is still miles ahead of Evolution.

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I always had trouble with Thunderbird, no matter what I did. But with Evolution, no issues, especially when you have multiple accounts.

I have had the complete opposite to you lol. Evolution always caused me issues with multiple accounts but was fine with just one.

At home I find thunderbird and evolution too bloatvacious. Used to use sylpheed but my phone-thing is always next to me (like a salivating, mind control demon) and gives me notification from proton or gmail so that works for me.

Office email is handled completely different and very locked down except for scheduling correspondence with clients.

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Well, that’s what you get for living in the future! Lol To go snail mail wouldn’t work for me for a lot of reasons. What’s even worse is jmail! I hate junk mail from snail mail. As you know, someone is going to come out you’re both are crazy. This is better than Evolution and Thunderbird, this is what works for me…

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