Thunar with split mode

Just discovered this,

I now we have tabs but this makes handling multiple files a whole lot easier.

Its busted and riddled with bugs, I wish…

When you do a drag action from pane to pane it just straight breaks (I might be off a bit here, it’s been so long since I’ve used it but I remeber it clearly having a deal breaker that made me switch back), everything else was nice but whats the point of multi-pane if not moving shit between them

Nope so far running smooth!

As you said, it’s been awhile since you’ve used this feature. Maybe it will work this time around since linux has changed as well as Archlabs. Just a thought. :thinking:

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The only issue I have had is that the custom actions don’t work.

Oh I was just chatting, I use ranger as my daily file manager and am more than happy with it.

Will say I am curious though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now that’s annoying. I guess I will thunar as it is, if I could get AL settled. This last windows really did a number on any dual booting.

Well curiosity killed the cat. But, satisfaction brought it back!

Pretty sure this was just a matter of moving the custom actions file to a different location if I remember correctly

Quite possibly, not a big issue as I can launch Thunar as root from Rofi and I can stop being lazy in the terminal and just cd into the directory :smiley: