Thunar file manager copy/paste completion

i have a weird problem, this happens when i copy/paste a file from one place to other. for example, if the file size is 1.5 gb, the copying gets stuck at 1.4, everything’s fine until it almost reach completion and gets stuck like that. this happened while i was using archlabs 5 as well, i was in such hurry and frustration that i instantly flashed ubuntu over it just so that i could completely copy that file and forgot asking what caused it. now that i’m back to this, this problem is back as well. Also do note that everything was fine until i did an update, it was the same last time

This is likely a bug directly related to Thunar, which we have little control over. I would suggest that you do a quick search through the XFCE site, and report the bug if doesn’t already exist, in the extensive bug list I have linked.


Just to be sure, you can use the command line interface(CLI) to transfer the large file which causes Thunar to hang. To copy use “cp /dir/dir/filename /dir/” To move a file: "mv /dir/dir/filename /dir/"
If the processes complete, then it was Thunar, if they fail we need to look deep at the error context.

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I had a very similar problem with Thunar and now use pcmanfm, haven’t had an issue since.

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I do not have this bug, I just moved today 90 GB of files from archlabs 4.1 to an external hd.
tomorrow I try with the latest version, but I think I do not have this problem.

I’d suggest that you just use another GUI File Manager (like Dolphin) once Thunar is known to have some issues. Or even better, spare some time and learn to do it from the command line (it’s literally nothing).

I have always found Thunar a little slow at transferring files. It’s still been pretty reliable over here though.

I do not agree, I have a distro KaOs with dolphin and I assure you that the speed does not differ much, all the distro I have on h.d external, usb3 or ssd, so I should have more slowdowns of those who have them on the notebook or PC.
And I assure you that they are very fast

I use sunflower file manager when I want to do heavy file transfers

@ector Different systems, different specs, different experiences.

SpaceFM and PCmanFM are always nice and quick, for me, with transfering/moving files.


yeah, i switched to dolphin, thanks for your suggetions