Three months of AL

Three months of running AL and even if you would put a gun against my head, I wouldn’t be able to say anything bad about it. What an absolute joy it has been to use this as my main OS :sunglasses:

A big thank you to the distro guys and have a great new year everyone :partying_face:


Glad to hear it has been running well for you and I hope it continues to.

With a gun against your head ohh man you’d be able to say so many things you’ve never imagined you could say :grin: What are you using AL with, I mean WM/DE,which one?

Hello great team,
first many thanks for this forum and great work.
I have installed a dual boot w10 and AL and all is fine, each time no problem.
With AL, it is more than two years, and sure it will be for life :wink:

I use Gnome with Pop shell
It’s all super clean

Lol, you weren t supposed to tell anyone @drLobes !

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@spaceman, I never would of guess they had AL in space. Learn something new everyday. :wink:
An enjoyable OS it really is.

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That s some good news in there @spaceman .

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Us spacemen use Arch btw


Lol, less issues right !

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I will be using AL for life. I still have Windows 10 for my games and also for my work.

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