Three-column list of system users

Looking up to my term, I saw this:

lebowsky@pc :  <no command here>
lebowsky                lightdm                 rpcuser
avahi                   mail                    rtkit
bin                     mpd                     saned
brltty                  named                   sddm
colord                  nbd                     systemd-coredump
cups                    nobody                  systemd-journal-remote
daemon                  ntp                     systemd-network
dbus                    openvpn                 systemd-oom
deluge                  partimag                systemd-resolve
dhcpcd                  polkitd                 systemd-timesync
dnsmasq                 postgres                tss
ftp                     pyuser                  usbmux
geoclue                 qemu                    users
git                     root                    uuidd
http                    rpc

What key did I hit with my elbow ?

maybe ~+TAB ?
List all Linux users configured on your system (only works for bash shell)

hitting TAB

stephan@archlabs7700K ~ %
→ external command
[ ip6tables-legacy-restore ppmmake
2to3 ip6tables-legacy-save ppmmix
2to3-2.7 ip6tables-nft ppmnorm


TAB doesn’t work in my Debian install

~ + tab gives the same but with ~ before and / after i.e ~lebowsky/