Thread Trim from Verifying the ArchLabs .iso

Good call @cog

@altman you bet.

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Thanks @cog for doing this.

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@cog Hey, I am stuck as to where do I get the given .asc file? Maybe I am just missing something simple, but I do not do the ISO validation everyday (and in the past it always worked somehow), so sorry if this is a BFU question.

@knytt depending on what version ISO you downloaded (vanilla kernel vs. LTS) you can download the associated .asc file from the same place you got the ISO.

They are the first two files on the list.

Sorry I was switching phones and stuff. Did you get this sorted out?

Oh I see. The links on the get page lead directly to the download of the .ISO, maybe linking associated .asc at the get page would be a good idea. Or linking the whole parent at Sourceforge with the previous releases here in the pinned post by @cog because at the get page, there is a note stating:

Previous releases are no longer stored on Sourceforge. If you require a copy for any reason, please email one of the team to request a link.

And this is obviously wrong, releases starting with 2020.11.04 are there.

This link might help you out @knytt

No, it’s not. There have been more than two ArchLabs releases. I keep every release ISO on a drive.

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Guess that the op missed the links on AL s Sourceforge download link.

No they wouldn’t have, I keep them on a spare HDD on my PC, they aren’t available online :smiley:

Lol, what about the link I posted above, looks like the ISOs start like 5 years back.

I think that’s just a history, when you click an older link you get

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Ah, makes sense then , maybe that was what the op was stating above then.

Agreed, it slipped my mind to update the download page. Thanks for the reminder. :smiley:

Looks like the OP is corect.
The web page claims older versions are not on SF

But the files are available on SF.

Obviously not all of them, if we want to nitpick then yes, some are. But there are the releases from 2017, 2018, 2019 and early 2020 that aren’t.

That’s not nit picking. Are they not previous releases?

The web page doesn’t say ancient previous releases…

Not sure why this is such a big deal, but carry on if you wish.