Thoughts on an ArchLabs variant

Folks - I been wondering for a spell now. What are the general thoughts on a “general” variant of AL. What I mean is, something akin to Manjaro’s Architect version. Something that is just plain “vanilla”.

Something that is just plain without the whistles and bells that our current AL has. Let me explain where I’m going with this and don’t get me wrong, all the fantastic work being done and has been done is truly a work of art.

There have been times that it would be nice if I didn’t have to backtrack after an install and trim out the additions that I have no desire to have. Yes I know, we all have the option to undue things, change the current theme etc. But I’m lazy and sometimes it would be nice to save that time undoing things if I had a more stream-line version.

Like I said, it’s just a thought and not to be taken as a put-down or elevation of one thing or another. In the end, our devs may have thought about that already and it may have been something that just does not make sense (at least at this time).

Anyways, I would love to hear your thoughts on this if only to see that I am one spastic idiot that is just a lazy slug :wink:

Hmmm, interesting idea though in my mind you might as well just install Arch itself.

Lets see what @natemaia has to say.

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Yeah - I thought about that after the fact. Letting it sit for a spell and thinking this through, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense and seems like it would be more of a journey into dev-land that wouldn’t have a big payoff and probably would not attract enough of the user base to warrant the added work-flow.

Anyways, can’t wait to get involved with the next round of work! Keep me in mind!

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Of course we will. :smiley:

@Chris I’m curious what you mean, currently if you want an install without configuration just skip WM/DE and packages during install.


Sorry if this has been asked or covered elsewhere but what is the default setup if you choose nothing from the current installer in regards to wm/de ? Is it just a console setup like bare bones archlinux or does it default to a specified wm/de?

As far as I remember, the default parameters are Openbox with almost no application aside (such as termite - firefox etc).

I think that it would make AL just a graphical installer of arch, woudln’t it ?

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Well - You’r right there about the WM/DE. I didn’t think of that, but that is a good point to keep in mind.

Well Nate, you ask :wink: And please, keep in mind - that these are just things that at times, I wish were more vanilla-thing. Please don’t take these as complaints. It’s just that if there was some thought about a vanilla AL, these would be things I would consider some key things to keep in mind.

When it comes to zsh/bash etc, it would be nice to have vanilla rc files for that. Granted, I’m gonna show my ignorance on this, but there is tons of nifty things in both I have still yet to discover and learn about. Yes, I know I can simply create my my own and remove the defaults. So that is something I’m sure can be over looked.

The theming - while tweaking is always fun, there have been times I can appreciate a simple blank canvas. No dark theme that over shadows apps such as T-Bird/Firefox etc. Again, I know there are ways to change them.

But again I wish to point out somethings that Matt mentioned, in retrospect; If I really wanted a blank canvas, then a straight up install of Arch would be the way to go. But to that point, anyone that HAS installed Arch, knows that the install process can take some time to get past.

So in closing, this is really nothing more than just conversation. Just really getting into the minds of how AL came to its current existence. Does this make sense?
LOL, the more I think about it, the more is seems like a silly thread that I created.
Where are the meds when ya need em :wink:

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I’ll have to keep that in mind when the next release comes out. Kind of like just installing the base system in Slackware.

Do the default .zshrc or .bashrc install with that or just vanilla she’ll configuration?

I have slept since my very fist AL install so I’ll need to be reminded how to remove the AL dark theme within apps like Firefox and T-Bird. You can’t (in FF) simply change themes within FF, its deeper than that, I just can’t remember. And I think the same goes for TB. I seem to recall that its maybe under QT settings? But, I tried that also (setting to something like Clearlooks) and still no change.

In case you are curious, I’m doing a setup for the Mrs and while she loves Redshift, not a big fan of the overall AL Dark and of course, she uses the above mentioned Moz-Products.

Cheers my fellow/ette munkies :wink:


Well I think AL should continue to go it´s own way!! (Manjaro´s own way is not my way)


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Guess that @Chris means is to have another variant & keep AL s version. Just a basic AL install option I think @womp .

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I think it’s GTK, not QT as GTK is native while QT is a platform independant GUI framework. Lots of dark themes causing invisible dark font on dark background in firefox sometimes, which is neither an AL nor an OB issue. But thank you for reminded me to fix that! Will try later with this info (>GTK 3.12):

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Perfecto! I’ll look into later tonight. I knew it must have been something other than a simple theme change. I do need to correct myself thou. It appears that changing to the “light” theme in FF did work. But man, TB is being a total ass about things, lol !!!

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