This May Cause Anthrax Fans to be Upset......I'm Sorry......But

…It needs to be said.

Anthrax just plain suck. I have always scratched my head at the notion of Anthrax being included with the Big Four especially when bands such as Testament, Exodus and Flotsam and Jetsam who are all from the same period produced consistently higher quality albums.

I was listening to a Spotify playlist of Old School Thrash while traveling and the weakest songs were the Anthrax. Good drumming I will admit, but that’s it.

Bad Singer, Bad Songs, Bad Albums, Bad.

I prefer their stuff with John Bush as their frontman over the “popular” stuff that they’re more known for with Joey Belladonna.

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John Bush is the fucking man. The Sound of White Noise is a good album I will admit. When they try to Thrash they just fail.

Exodus should be there in Anthrax’s place.

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Absolutely agree with you there!

From the way Scott Ian talks/has talked in some interviews, the sound they have with John Bush is what he sort of prefers. At least I seem to recall this being said by him.

I read that the way that Scott and Charlie were, you know “its their band” was the reason John left. His voice is amazing.

Totally agree on Bush. But have to admit I’m not really into thrash. The band I enjoy the most is probably Sodom.

It really is. Joey can sound like someone is squeezing his tuggernuggets at times. lol

@alexm Sodom are good. Thrash favourite for me is probably Morbid Saint. I do think the New School guys like Vektor are kick arse.

@Xen Joey is a muppet mate. I have never really liked Joey and his songs.

Apologies if my elitist Metalhead side is showing.

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Nah, you’re fine. lol

When I first got into music as a teen and specifically into thrash it felt like one of the “Big 4” didn’t sound like the rest. That one being Anthrax. Cool name for a band, though.

I felt the same. The only thing going for them is their name.