This is what the forum looks like :-)

Jokes aside: if you do not wish to post, and just want to read (in case there is a reply to a post, etc.) and you DONT WANT A BROWSER like Firefox eating up your mem/cpu (ie, you’re on an old machine), then you can do this. It is just the forum in elinks. It is actually pretty usable.


Interesting, what browser is that?

Guess that s eLinks @Dobbie03

Nice @vinay

Yes, that’s elinks.

Thanks @altman, always appreciative, which I appreciate :slight_smile:

I used to have to work entirely w/ text browsers for quite some time. Some are surprisingly good. links2 has a graphical option which renders pics etc. also pretty well. Certainly can be very usable if you don’t input data (forms, uploads, etc.). Minimalistic ad-free experience.

Fully configurable colors.
PS: That m/c had only 512M RAM. And came installed with Windows Vista! I mean, come on dude!!! I’m already old. If I wait that long each time firefox loads a page, I will read like 100 pages before I go :slight_smile: Don’t laugh @altman same fate would have befallen you also :-):slight_smile:

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No problem @vinay

Text based browsers can be useful at times.

w3m will also show images if you have the w3m-img installed (I don’t think Arch separates the imaging into a separate package)

that screen shot is w3m with defaults; I think there are plenty of configuration options to clean it up.


Nice @PackRat

I used a few of these over the years and always wondered about malware and so on at which point I used a hosts updater with Dan Pollock
Wrote a little script to update my hosts file daily.
My script is posted here if anyone is interested.

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Mine isn’t as sexy in Nord: