This is interesting...Arch Keyring related


Thx for sharing @elloquin

Another automatically starting service in the background…

I think the idea of some sort of pacman hook when performing a manual update. Therefor, the keys are validated during the update. Right @Peppe … another mandatory system service.

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Yep, it is like reflector @GreenMartian . I understand etc. But if I start my pC in my early morning it is night in Europe. So guess what servers are selected. So I disabled it because I use a ‘fixed’ server set from Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan etc. I like the abilty to automate it, but you shouldn’t do that beforehand imho. But ok, it is what it is.


We knew the development & widespread adoption of systemd would lead to opportunities to automate. Can always opt-out & disable the service. Thankfully, we have folks like Artix to provide some alternative options.


Well, I don’t have anything specific against systemd or so. I guess I am getting tired of services being added to anything, without leaving me an option to do so. Manjaro suddenly going to zsh a couple of years ago is something similar, but different. Anyway, nuff said, interesting info anyway.


Sorry @Peppe … I wasn’t pointing you out directly. I changed the text from you to we.


No issues here @GreenMartian , I didn’t see it like that at all (pointed to me). And it was a valuable point you made anyway!