This is exactly why I stopped using Deviantart

Look at it:

Seriously, who the fuck does shit like this?

This alongside the ridiculous spamming pics, like this for instance

There needs to be some form of moderation at DeviantArt.


A guy that became the clone of his sister wearing a pair of stripper’s heels.
The publisher must be 14 years old :laughing::laughing::laughing:
But I think is legit on Deviantart, is only in the wrong category.
The thing i dislike the most is that whatever search you start, you will end up with thousands of Little Ponies :poop: .

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Yup I can handle that if the shit is in the correct category. I used to use DA for screenshots and themes, not to peruse some weirdo fuckers latest my little pony crush.

Yes, they really need to moderate. Tragic really. “sadface”

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Are you kidding me!? Are you sure that this is from Deviantart? Usually they have quality stuff. I guess someone flunked art class!

The issue is, the quality is swamped by the crap. Most of the contributors that were then when I first signed up to DA have long gone.

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Come to think of it, I think you’re right. And yet please donate! Huh!

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