Thinkpad T400 (Radeon) brightness keys don't work

Lenovo Thinkpad T400 with dual GPU - Intel GMA 4500 and ATI Radeon 3450.
When using Intel everything works fine but on Radeon I can’t change brightness using Fn + Home/End keys (I can change it in command line or by moving slider in Xfce Power Manger). I use default xorg drivers.

Have you tried mapping the command you use in the terminal to the keys?

I use to have to do that on an HP.

No because these combos (fn+home/end, fn+arrows and fn+f1…f12 don’t return keycodes (in xev)
The keys work right from power up (eg. in bios) until linux is loaded.

All of the sudden, today the keys magically started to work (I updated system last night).

Bumping this thread because a Thinkpad I just purchased off of Ebay has almost a whole row of ketpads that won’t enter. It’s a T460s in fantastic condition, almost new. I emailed the seller about it, didn’t ger an answer on the phone. If it’s just the keyboard (it works with an external I have) I am fine, but I don’t want to have to buy one, since the listing said all the keyboard functions work.

The Thinkpad shipped without an SSD, as the listing said and is a reason why I chose it because it shaves the cost and I have one on order. I checked the ribbon attachments, reseated them. but to put the keyboard back on was a real PITA, and I tend to get a little frustrated with stuff lol, so I stopped trying until I got a fresh head. Checked the BIOS and did the Lenovo diagnostic, everything checked out. This is the first time I bought something like this off of Ebay. I researched Thinkpads, read the sub over at Reddit, read ThinkWiki and all that. I even told the seller in the email that I posted the issue on the Reddit sub, to get their attention. When the SSD comes in, maybe it will work, I am not sure. I checked it using my thumb drives that have snapshots of live ISOs that have recovery and diagnostic tools, Linux based ones. I dunno if it’s anything due to Xorg ot translations. It’s my first Thinkpad I purchased (just learned how good they are using Linux a couple of years back, never purchased one because I don’t want to spend a lot of money, or any money on Windows lulz), so maybe there are things I may have missed. Any suggestions are well appreciated.

Please post the output of

ls /sys/class/backlight/*

Got an email from the vendor, might have a new keyboard and battery by the end of the week. Hopefully that’s it. Then it’s loaded with Archlabs/Bunsenlabs and finally get to work lulz.

Edit: I might try a Sharpbang/Bunsen hybrid too.

Update: installed replacement keyboard, everything functional, even got two extra batteries because when my Thinkpad shipped, the internal battery wasn’t seated right which made the cover not seat right. The seller sent me two new batteries in case of failure. Very happy now.

That s some good news in there @drummer

We rarely see good aftersales service like that, a great thing.

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Yeah, when I had the issues arise, I emailed the vendor after not being able to reach them via the phone, and wrote in the email that I posted my issues on Reddit’s Thinkpad sub to get any ideas of what caused them. Just to make them aware that I am a consumer within one of their target markets lol. I also mentioned that I believe in a preferred vendor, and that I shop more for vendors, especially on Ebay, and that’s where I set my expectation.

The lady from the vendors office called me back on Monday morning, and she not only met my expectation, she surpassed it. She sent me two more internal batteries, even though the others were working, just not seated correctly, and a replacement keyboard. Plus, she overnight-ed the shipping, no charge. She was very accommodating and cool. I plan to write a review on Ebay tomorrow to show my appreciation. The Thinkpad is in stellar condition. That along with their attention to my expectation is what I shop for first, and that makes them a preferred vendor when I shop on Ebay.

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