Theming jgmenu? Icons and such

I was wondering, where are the places we tweak jgmenu? I changed my gtk theme and icon theme and jgmenu doesn’t seem to have noticed. So I am assuming there is a place I do all this?


Hi Tim, check ~/.config/jgmenu/jgmenurc.

I don’t see where I can choose the icon set in the config? or an entry for icons?

There should be some lines like this:

icon_size = 24
icon_text_spacing = 6
icon_theme = Papirus-Grey
icon_theme_fallback = xtg

If you need to, you can create a new default jgmenurc and start from scratch - jgmenu wiki

back up the old one first if you go that route.

So I got my colors set, but the icons still aren’t showing up…I wonder if I have to put the full path in?

Where did you put the icons?

On my systems, icon sets I have in ~/.icons do not always show up in jgmenu. If I move them to /usr/share/icons they work. And, as dobbie pointed out in another thread, the icons will show up in applications opened as root so it’s all consistent.

Not sure if I ever tried using the full path.

Yeah, I moved them to usr/share/icons … maybe I need to restart? lets see I guess

That didn’t work… here is my config, maybe check it out.

I got it, it’s working now… thanks for the input fellas

What did you have to do?

After i moved the .icons to usr/share/icons … I think I may have fudged the name in the config. I copied and pasted it from thunar to be sure and it worked…maybe a hidden space or somthing? But it’s good now.

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@TimApple @PackRat

We search for icons in
…and a few pixmaps directories.

~/.icons is not checked (unless you’re symlinked to ~/.local/share/icons which is common)

In order to increase speed and reduce SSD/HDD wear, we cache icon locations in ~/.cache/jgmenu/icons
If you edit an icon or add new icons under the same theme name (e.g. in ~/.local/share/icons), you need to delete the ~/.cache/jgmenu/icons directory to force a refresh.

Every time the icon theme name or size is changed in the jgmenurc config file, the cache is refreshed.


Further notes on icons: