The user formally known as bugman

I changed my user name (well Matt did). I registered as bugman to try and stay a bit on the down low, but now that a few of you guys know me from g+ I figured I’d just keep it real.

Same bloke, new (real name), new picture, same distro etc…


Hey Ho Phil, fellow kiwi. Fellow drinker of fine beers.

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Its me! Back at ya cuz

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Be very welcome! (again) :joy::rofl::joy: :love_you_gesture:


nice to meet ya phil

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Welcome again mate !

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Thanks everyone.

Just wanted to let you know so there wad no wierd confusion.

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Yep, sometimes it gets confusing when people change names on forums & yt .

Or sock puppets come out of the wood work :grin:

lol, bad boy !

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