The Upcoming Thor Movie

Does 007 ?

The only thing that matters in my opinion is good story writing and it seems hollywood is bent on producing crap that insights division against the races and sexes.

Ok lets look at it from the perspective of a all female role, lets say Charlie Angels are all men now and the manager/handler whatever is a women, in my opinion it would just stink of proaganda and insighting division within the sexes. Same for maybe wonder women, yeah lets make wonder women a man or maybe a eunech.

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Elizabeth Banks is playing (Susan) Bosley in the new Charlie’s Angels movie…

One of the Bosley’s.

Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou are also credited as Bosley. What’s up with that?

The premise is that there are multiple Charlie’s Angels teams all over the world, each with their own Bosley. Bit silly if you ask me but then so were the other films in that series.

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Written and directed by Taika Waititi - that should be interesting; I suppose his cgi character from the previous Thor and Avengers movies will be in the movie.

Edit - I forgot he directed Thor; Ragnarok as well.

Unfortunately, in time that may just happen. Why do they have to ruin everything. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I didn’t watch it, but my team of expert confirmed that the female-version of Ghostbusters was awful.
And that was a shame.
And I am a girl.
Not that I care if the next Thor s***s, but looks like they are so short of ideas that changing the gender of the main character is all they have to offer.


Bet that they should stop doing x amount of versions of a film, looks like it s going down as the new releases come.

Because it was a shitty script. Kristin Wiig is most certainly capable of comedy in the Harold Ramis style (she’s pretty funny in a couple of Simon Pegg movies), and will be the villain in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel..

They will also try to reboot Ghostbusters (2020) with the original actors and characters. Jason Reitman is as capable director as his dad Ivan, but without Harold Ramis writing, coin toss as to how good it will be.

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They should leave such blockbusters alone, unless they can deliver something great.
Ghostbusters II was already a mistake.
That’s my humble opinion, but I know I’m right. :crazy_face:


@pippo . You bet you re right ! lol

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Im 100% with you man. Its gone too far…

What next? Trump for president? :rofl::rofl:

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you know youre right because you are. Nothing wrong with that!


It seems that creativity is an lost art in Hollywood. It seems that Hollywood is depleted of skillful writers, actors, and directors. I guess it’s time to pull out the DVDs @pippo, @PackRat, and @philT. Or just watch youtube videos… :thinking:


Chinese and Korean are doing great movies lately (big money on it), Hollywood needs to do something about it or will loose its shiny spot…

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As in other fields sadly.

Best super hero movie ive seen in awhile is that Alita Battle Angel.

A friend worked in this one: It is possible to do something good with a low budget and the right ideas.
Maybe I am biased, I know :slightly_frowning_face:

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