The Ultimate Marvel Graphic Novels Collection

So I just put my newly acquired Marvel hardback collection into a bookcase (I was given this by a friend of my wife) and it is missing a few editions from 101 onward. I now know what my future dosh will be going on, the editions to complete the collection and these:


The collection so far,


Now that is what i call a collection!
All what i have is the pre sequel of
watchmen. lol

LOL, it is the first time in many years I have owned any comics and I have caught the comic book bug again. I feel like I’m 12 all over again :smiley:


lol. Yes i understand that and feeling like an 12 year old is better than feeling like an 70 year old. :rofl:

Comics have their own world and that’s why I love them.
Another reason I like comics is that they take me away from reality for a while. Sometimes I need that to take a breath and recharge my batteries.

I could puke I had to sell my small collection 4 years ago for lack of money.

But your collection is already impressive.

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That makes me sad.

Same here, plus the artistry behind it all blows me away.


Wholy cow, you have loads od them @Dobbie03

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I need more! MOOORRRREEE!