The Matrix cast, then vs now


Like those series ! Now & Then.

Yeah, the 1st one is really good.

They all look like they could easily do another continuation part…

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I’ve watched the trailers but I still can’t figure out what the new one is about :confused:

Not that it matters, the first ones were a jumbled pile of nonsense anyway. But I did really like the first one :slight_smile:

Usually, the 1st one is always the best in the series. The GodFather and Rings are 2 exceptions.

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Unfortunately, the first reviews are in and the movie seems to be like the then is better than the now.


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The Red Pill - is like Molly, taking me into a fever dream, seeing what my life would be like meeting Carrie Anne-Moss, with kids and dooshy husband outside of the Matrix, once we both hit Boomer status.

The Blue Pill - is to take me back to when I didn’t need a Blue Pill, pre Boomer, but give me a handful, Carrie Anne-Moss post 50 years old is still hot as balls.

Hell yes. Hell yes.

I’m not sure if I really want to watch this Matrix movie. The first one is perfection for me, the following two are good but average.