The Mandela Effect

Has anyone looked into this? Seems like some sort of weird phenomon trend or something.

Below video believes Dolly from the Bond movie Moonraker had braces, i distinctly remember seeing Dolly with a huge set of braces years ago when i watched this Bond film, now they are saying it never was and Dolly had no braces.

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This is really weird.

Ive just downloaded this movie and and watched it but yes no braces. But below YouTube clip shows braces, but not how i remember them, she had really big braces and this was the whole point of the scene, Jaws was smitten by her metal teeth.

Looks like you’re going to have to hit the local thrift/antique store and get an original VHS release and check it out.

They did a VISA commercial parody of that scene where Richard Kiel (Jaws) is shopping as himself, so no makeup, and the cashier has braces.

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If i manage to find an old vhs i will need a player. I had a player a few years ago, i was in two minds about getting rid of it.

I think this sort of thing goes two ways, maybe the movies were doctored to look better for new audiences at some point and conspiracy thoerists are going with the alternate universe theory stuff.

Twilight zone stuff lol.

I’m pretty sure my older brother has a complete set of original Bond VHS releases, I asked him to verify it.

maybe the movies were doctored to look better for new audiences

I suspect it’s something like that; original v. director’s cut sort of thing.

I too remember her having both glasses and braces.

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Nice, thanks Packrat.

I found it strange this topic came up in my youtube sidebar as i was watching “who wants to be a millionaire” today and Aussie version and they had a question in regards to a Bond destination, 4 options, A was Moonraker and the correct answer was B Skyfall. It was weird too because i kept saying this episode was a repeat and i had seen it before but supposedly it was a new episode?

Edit. Watched who wants to be a millionaire on the TV, not connected to the internet or computer.

Different scene; end of the movie. No braces:

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Scientific background here:


Excellent topic!
There are many instances like this that are floating around.

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Here is another one. Karate Kid

Daniels headband was a rising red sun with japanese kanji.

Curious George had a tail?

lol, remember this one !

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