The Link Between Linux Scrots and Anime?

In one of my earlier posts, I was going to make a statement about how I find it very disturbing the number of individuals I found that were into “Lolicon” or Lolita complex, which is where they have a fascination with young girls engaged in varying degrees of erotic behavior.

Just… why?

@Dobbie03, yes, there are many girls into it as well. The most popular form is “yaoi” or boys love in english. Heh.

It is a very fucked up state of mind …almost pedo like behaviour. If they look at cartoon characters like that do they look at real life human beings in the same way? Does it cross the boundary? The thought must be in their head?

Ah not sure if that is a good thing or not lol!

I pretty much think of it as pedo-lite. Can’t say I’ve ever really had a discussion about it with any that I’ve read that claimed to enjoy such things, so can’t really comment on the mental aspect of it, but it does make you think.

I guess it’s a good thing to them. LOL. To each their own.

From what I am reading is just reinforcing my original conclusion. It’s a fucked up culture.

It’s like anything else, I suppose.

There is the extremely weird parts of society and then there’s the “normal”. Most of what I’ve talked about is the “dark” side of it all and it being the internet, there is certainly a bigger concentration of it being thrown out into the open. Nonetheless, as Dio once sang: It’s always a mystery!

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+1 for the Dio reference.

I am sure there is a good side to it all, I just find it a tad strange.

BTW: Me neither.


This thread has kind of made me want to recommend you all to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, simply for all of the great rock/pop references that anime/manga makes in regards to naming its characters and support.

Has the best damn ending theme of any anime out there, by far. :wink:

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I’m going to have to watch this another night as I am off to bed very soon. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

No problem at all. It’s one of my favorites. Good night to ya!

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I totally agree.

I gotta say, I am well over seeing all the Anime at /r/unixporn. Its nearly every post. So sick of it.


Me too. Haven’t been there for some time because of it. DA is just as bad


DA has been shit for a long, long time.