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Share your custom jgmenu setup here.

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This script checks available PulseAudio sinks, and creates jgmenu to switch audio output on the fly:

It could be easily adopted to produce other dynamic jgmenus.


@dobbie03 I don’t have jgmenu working with bookmarks in the sense that I imported an html file from Firefox. I created a text file from scratch and used Lesson 3 as an example.

bookmark script:

# submenus

Eye Candy,^checkout(Candy)

Void Linux,surf

Wash. Times,surf
MLB,surf https:///

Soc. Wall,surf
Wallpaper Craft,surf
Wallpapers Wide,surf
Font Squirrel,surf
Font Library,surf

Once it’s complete, just need to set up key binding to call the menu. Working pretty well for static bookmarks.

jgmenu does support pipe menus as well, so if you’re a script kiddie or can outright code, you could make some pretty sophisticated menus.

Edit - scrot or it didn’t happen, updated menu:


Excellent idea for a thread; been tinkering with jgmenu scripting and pipe menus. Under utilized aspect of jgmenu.


Like topic!

Have recently released v2.0. Should soon hit the Arch repos.

For ff bookmarks, there is this script:


This is great, thanks guys.


@malm, I’;m getting this error with the script

/usr/lib/jgmenu/ line 51: test: =: unary operator expected
Error: unable to open database "/home/dobbie/.mozilla/firefox/oecmt2vh.Dobbie/places.sqlite
/home/dobbie/.mozilla/firefox/": unable to open database file
Error: unable to open database "/home/dobbie/.mozilla/firefox/oecmt2vh.Dobbie/places.sqlite
/home/dobbie/.mozilla/firefox/": unable to open database file
Error: unable to open database "/home/dobbie/.mozilla/firefox/oecmt2vh.Dobbie/places.sqlite
/home/dobbie/.mozilla/firefox/": unable to open database file

Obviously the file exists, is there something I need to change within the script?


Not sure.

I’ve fixed the error on line 51 (pushed to gh repo) - but that’s just a side-issue.

Does it work if firefox is not running? Firefox might be locking the database. I have pretty much zero sqlite3 knowledge, so might need help with this.

We no longer (v2.0) install ff-bookmarks by default because the script was difficult to maintain across OSs and was only ever intended to be a quick hack… ideal for this thread (if we can get it working).

v2.0 release notes


Doesn’t work while FF isn’t running either. I’ll wait until 2.0 hits the Arch repos and try again.


Custom menu, combined applications with bookmarks:


Yeah that’s really cool.