The Happy New Year Thread



Thanks @Glenn, we love the spelling too. Same with Tomas…no H as it should be. Don’t tell my wife I named him after my favourite drummer :smiley:

Yes Mr @altman, it costs us a fortune, but I like to make sure that the kids aren’t forgotten with the hustle and bustle of Xmas and New Years :smiley:


lol, you bet ! All in one shot , almost nothing afterward, one can breath a little.


Until May :slight_smile: My family is quite large and pretty much May to January is constant birthdays and presents :smiley:


Isn’t that odd how it turns out? Our’s is Sept to Dec… Mine, Marie’s and all seven of our minions.


It is. December is especially heavy as all but one of the neice’s and nephews are born then.


We have a small familly here on my end, & I mostly give gifts to my little 9 yo nephew.


Happy new year people. Have a great one! :slight_smile:


Same back @ you @alexm


Happy new year to all from Italy.
Hope it’s better for me this year.


@ector I’m counting on it Brother :slight_smile:


@ector good to see another Italian fellow in the AL community :wink:


Happy New Year to our Italian friends from Canada.

Most Italians & Canadians know about Enzo Ferrari s friendship with Gilles Villeneuve right !


Good timing! My both daughters were born in December (21th and 29th). Could have waited several days.


I also have a daughter who’s birthday is on December 29th as well. My mother’s birthday is exactly three months after mine, in December. Yeah, most of my family’s birthday fall around September through January.


Happy new year for all of you!


Happy New Year also to you @jesito