The Happy New Year Thread



Happy New Year to everyone.

Have a safe end to your 2018 and a happy start to your 2019.

See you all in the New Year.


Happy new year to all! Only a couple of hours left of 2018 for me!


Happy new year family!!
Feliz año nuevo familia!!


Happy New Year to everyone! (an extra to the A-TEAM!)



Happy New Year everyone in the forum, have a great one .


After experiencing 53 ‘new years’, I believe I’ve compiled enough evidence to safely determine… Even numbered years, suck.

Here’s to the coming odd numbered one! :cocktail:

Wishing everyone the very best for '19.

Cheers and peace to all.


Much health and lots of peace for everyone !!


Have a great one


All pray the almighty Archlabs !
Happy new year folks !


Happy New year everyone! And may you live long and prosper… :vulcan_salute:


Thx, & same back @ you @sevenday4


Happy New Year, Ladies and Gentlemen. :slight_smile:


Same back @ you @nwg


Happy new year to all here in the forum.


You people who live in the future, tell us how 2019 starts. Should we hide?:sunglasses:


So far so good. It’s my eldest birthday today so Happy Birthday to Jakob!


Happy BD Jakob !

Big day for him , New Year s & BD ! Too much presents ! lol


I’ll pass your wishes on. But get this, yesterday it was my youngest Tomas’ birthday. New Years Eve and New Years Day :smiley:


Tell Jakob (love that spelling) Happy Birthday from the de Vaux family!


Gee, all the gifts at the same time ! Must ve costed a fortune ! lol

Edit, Happy BD to the other son also.