The Great NVME SSD Thread

Hey guys I’ve been a loyal Sammy user for years now but am trying this new drive out this week. Curious what y’all like to use and opinions.

I got Kingston A2000 after I read somewhere it had a good price at the time. My desktop needed a pcie adapter and flashing a modded bios to boot from it.

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Playing with a Samsung 980 Pro PCle 4.0 NVMe M2 on a new rig with very good results so far.


I have had good luck with viper & crucial, as well.

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Did you have to disable APST? I remember reading that on the ArchWiki a while back for that drive.

That’s a nice drive.

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I have a Sammy 970 EVO Plus 500G in my Thinkpad that I installed once I bought it. It was on sale at Amazon. I sliced it to run two distros, both with root and home partitions. If I had a larger one I’d boot into a couple more lulz. It’s a laptop, I don’t hoard shit on them.


I use a WD Black 500gb nvme (previously sandisk) and I’ve had a good experience with this and my previous sandisk ssd which is still in use as a secondary drive after nearly 10 years!

Hynix is one of the world’s top memory manufacturers (samsung, hynix, sandisk, and micron) so I wouldn’t doubt it’s a good product. Any of these smaller brands will be buying their IC’s from one of these three and repacking it so getting it straight from one of them is generally better.

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That’s the same one I have right now. It’s an excellent little work horse. It’s pretty much new so I’m gonna put it in an enclosure for my wife so she can dump everything off her iPhone ( & fill it up again probably)

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I had that drive 1GB version in another system. Was super peppy and no problems with linux. Faster than the Sammy 970’s even though the reviews had said other wise.

I’m about to drop in the new drive. I have been idling around 37 C. Curious what kind of temps yall are getting.?

sudo nvme smart-log /dev/nvme0

51C on my end

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I’ve heard 50 or 40 is pretty normal on some drives.

Just dropped it in. We’ll see after while what temp she purs at.

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Yea I’m not concerned, flash IC’s actually run better and prefer it toasty just the controller doesn’t


I’m bootstrapped and back up.

Yeah. 50 isn’t bad. Plus BC is so cold you could always use a little extra somethin somethin.

I’m idling at 35/36 C on both sensors. A little bit better. One thing I’m liking this one isn’t logging smart log errors everytime I reboot like the sammy did. It was a harmless error log but kind of cool it’s not doing it. IIRC the WD Black doesn’t do a smart error on power cycles either.

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Another new developement…

On the SK Hynix

sudo fstrim -av

is only taking a split of a second, doing its work then resolving but not getting lost in a firmware maze. who knows it might not be doing anything at all. just trying to keep yall posted on the findings.

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Temperature Sensor 1           : 35 C
Temperature Sensor 2           : 40 C

(Samsung 970 proprietary version, ThinkPad E485)


unsafe_shutdowns                        : 381


Be sure to check out blktrace for more nerdy stats.