The future of thunderbird



Maybe we’ll come full circle and back to IMAP via open source software.

Thx for sharing @darknetmatrix

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Thanks for passing that on.

There wasn’t much of anything concrete in that announcement beyond optimistic phrases so I’m a bit nervous. Thunderbird is fine the way it is for me, as a user, but it makes sense if the devs want to clean up the code base. I just hope the “modern” interface doesn’t get out of hand.

Tbird on Android will be extremely welcome though. I’m using K9 right now so its evolution into Thunderbird sounds just right.


Hey @johnraff. Remember you from the Crunchbang or Bunsen Lab days. Good to see you here!

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Hi GM, BunsenLabs is my home, but I drop in here now and then to touch base.
ArchLabs is looking good, but I’ve no plans to start using Arch Linux in the near future myself, still pretty much Debian. :slight_smile:

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