The Future Direction of ArchLabs

This comes up often, “where to now” or “what can we do next”, “are we doing the right thing”, “how can we improve”. We always want to improve ArchLabs and its offering to our users and we really got talking the other day over on Slack.

It was an intense session of Hoppy IPA’s, Ganga, gluten-free bread, and the new meatless Burger King burgers, vegan cheese, and vegan bacon sandwiches. Heady and exciting times. I can tell you this, there is nothing quite like talking over Slack wearing the latest Vegan fashion and eating natural non-animal product food. I recommend you all do it at least once in your life. I gotta get me some of those trek sandals man.

I don’t know it was those magic mushrooms or just a simple realisation, but we all came to the conclusion that Arch Linux is not where we want to be. Talk about an epiphany!

Why use the AUR when we can add PPA’s to install all those applications and programs that Ubuntu doesn’t offer in their selection of software? Why use Pacman when we can use Apt? Why use Adwaita-Dark as our default theme when we can use the Orange and Purple of Yaru? Why have a private system when you can send your data usage to Canonical and Amazon? Why use the latest update to your system when you can wait for Ubuntu to ship it many months later, patched with half the features missing? Why have a choice when Canonical and Ubuntu can make that choice for you?

It’s after these revelations that we have decided that there will never be another Arch-based release of ArchLabs. Our upcoming release which will coincide with Ubuntu 21.04 will be unleashed upon you all, we have already applied to his Holiness and our future overlord, Mark Shuttleworth to include Ubuntu ArchLabs Edition 21.04 as an official Ubuntu release.

The website and forum will look and colours will be updated in due course. Looking forward to those burnt orange shades.

Either way, you will see this new and improved edition of ArchLabs, or should we say UbuLabs (we have been throwing this moniker around) available to download soon. I do have to say, I like how “UbuLabs” just rolls off the tongue.
Saying that, we are open to new names for the project so leave your suggestions in a follow-up reply. All suggestions are welcome.

Some important FAQ’s:

  • Will you be able to downgrade upgrade your system directly to UbuLabs 21.04? LOL! No. Only fresh installs will suffice.
  • What happens when a new release is available? Nothing but a fresh install will do.
  • What’s happened to Baph? It’s been ported for use with Ubuntu renamed EPPAI (Easy PPA Installer).
  • What will happen with the forum? It will be merged with the Ubuntu Community.
  • Are you guys full of shit? Yes.
  • Is this really happening? Yes.
  • Is this really happening? Yes.
  • Is this really happening? For reals? Again, Yes!
  • Why do you play with our emotions? Because we enjoy making you uncomfortable (it’s a side effect of meatless meat patties).
  • What can I do to stop this from happening? Nothing, just let it wash over you. Accept the change, assimilate. Just like Borg Piccard did when the Borg took him.
  • Is @Dobbie03 still a Metalhead? No, I only listen to Portishead and Florence and the Machine now. Another side effect of meatless meat patties. I also only wear clothes made from the finest hemp. I am also prone to breaking down in tears. Another thing I have noticed is that the cuffs of my jeans are becoming suspiciously tight…am I becoming a hipster? Also, my children have disowned me.
  • What will happen to the AL installer? Who cares? We are Ubuntu now!
  • Can we continue using AL how it is before the UbuAL changes? No, live with the now. Move on, let it go.
  • Double checking, are we full of shit? Yes. Can confirm.
  • Can we convince you otherwise? We are easily swayed, fickle if you will, hence the change to Ubuntu base.
  • Does Dobbie’s wife still love him? I hope so, she can’t talk, she uses Windows.
  • Is Nate still a Canadian? No, Trudeau has banished him from Canada as punishment.
  • Did angels cry when you made this decision? If they exist, I am pretty sure they did.
  • Do we feel like sellouts? No, not for a second.
  • Can you make fun of us? Yes, but be gentle.

Other future projects include our return back into the music industry.

The A.L.C.F.K.W.C.L.G.A.W.W.L.T.D.O.S.G.T. (The ArchLabs Center for Kids Who Can’t Linux Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too):

Pretty cool:


That’s me checking out the mocks for the new building (I don’t care what Derek Zoolander says, it isn’t a center for ants):


Finally, the release of our Artisian Duff ArchLabs UbuLabs Ale. Our spokesperson Homer Simpson is very excited to be on board.

It’s an exciting year ahead, to say the least.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. We look forward to reading all your positive and encouraging comments about this exciting move.


Disclaimer 1: I’m pretty sure you have all worked out we are full of shit and this is yet another poor attempt at an April Fools Day joke. Happy April Fools!!

Disclaimer 2: Just in case you believed every word, in no way will ArchLabs ever be based on Ubuntu.

Disclaimer 2a: Ever!

Disclaimer 3: Also, I hope no Vegans were offended, just a tongue-in-cheek poke at ourselves as well as Ubuntu.
It’s probably fair to say a large portion of us wouldn’t be here without Ubuntu.

Disclaimer 4: I would never abandon Metal. Ever. It would be cold day in hell if I did. Metal is FOR LIFE

Fair Warning: If you believe a single word of this post then you have given us permission to make fun of you for life. Be sure it will be brutal, relentless, and unforgiving. We will revel in every moment


Add some Japanese anime, Fortnite, and downtempo chill, and it’s like a rave over at Reddit.


You really got me there @Dobbie03. I thought you got the MS vaccine and it altered you. However, the efficacy was not powerful enough to steer you away to windows but to the windows of the linux world … ubuntu (canonical => amazon).

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Nice one. :rofl:

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LOL, nice try :rofl:

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lol, you bad boy !

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I downloaded this to get ready for the switch. :wink:


Archbuntu-inkunzi LTS


lol, nice one in there @PackRat

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Abuntu-Matata LTS


I like it.

Are you ok @PackRat ! lol


It was a sad excuse for a April Fools joke, I didn’t go nearly as far as I wanted to but there is always next year.


In the morning when I read the news, sounded like a new thing!! Then, what’s wrong with those people, and lastly I look at the calendar. :laughing: I miss Arch Linux’s old good days and ArchLabs is following the tradition. Great!!


hahaha excellent to hear!

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Well this is a great April Fools joked, all band pics at Metal Archives have been changed to cats


I can see that I’m coming late to this post, but I must say something:

**Damn it @Dobbie03 ! You almost got me man! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: **

Going through the first lines of the post, I was almost screaming inside thinking: (WTF?!) What kind of mushrooms or ayahuasca would do something like that to an incurable metal head huh?! It can’t be possible! No way!:hear_no_evil:

Well, thankfully it was just a outstanding prank LoL But you can be sure that this post provided enough content for me having nightmares for the rest of the month :sweat_smile:

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PoopLabs?! :poop:

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I hope not!

Ouch! But accurate.

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I’m not sure if this is meant as a joke or not:

Apparently it actually works.