The backup distro

I.e. the fallback distro, either when you get bored or you fecked up your main distro :smiley:

I’ve been using Arch for quite a while and I love everything about it, but I have to admit that the one distro I tend to rely on when in need is Ubuntu. There’s a lot to argue about when it comes to Ubuntu, and I know some people have problems with it, but for me it has always delivered. It’s the only distro where all my hardware always works and the things that fail in other distros usually do to. For example, OpenVPN has been messed up in every Gnome 3.38 based distro for me except in Ubuntu. Gmail calendars through Gnome Online accounts usually break straight away in every distro, except for Ubuntu.

The only problem with Ubuntu for me is that it’s so polished that it lacks that bit of soul.
So it remains to be just the fallback

I started out with Ubuntu years ago but never really spent enough time to be as comfortable as I am with arch now, it’s mine.

Ubuntu definitely is a polished setup, they have the manpower and money to really spend the time.

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Guess it s the main thing there @natemaia

Debian stable ftw!


lol, yes sir @anon42040838

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I keep a Manjaro live image around. If I need to check something like hardware support or configuration, I will boot it up. They have done a great job in terms of improving Linux desktop experience overall, just like what Ubuntu did during its early releases. If I get bored, I would explore something quite different, for example Void. Have to admit, I like Void a lot. As for a solid backup distro, I would pick Debian stable or Slackware.


I keep a live usb of BunsenLabs or SharpBang around for emergencies, but the ArchLabs usb works just as well for that.

Void is stable enough I don’t worry about the system borking in me.


I don’t really have one but I’d probably use Archbang or something similar. I don’t usually bother with anything Debian based these days as they aren’t as up to date with packages as Arch based distros are. I do play around with BunsenLabs of course on a regular basis.

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I’m happily married and never had a mistress and wouldn’t condone such behaviour.
But yes, it was a bad metaphor and I’ll change it to something that doesn’t make it sound like I have a bad attitude towards women and relationships.

Just wondering though how many women would have seen insult in this if this was a post from a woman talking about a lover in an equally bad metaphor?


I guess it’s easier to just look at the concept behind a word without emotions when it’s not something that has ever hurt or has been applicable to you. I’m sure alarm bells would have gone off if it ever had. So sorry again for the insensitive comparison. You were right to point it out.

Regarding distros, for me it makes sens to have a Debian-based distro around. Between Arch and Debian and the ground they cover, I can’t immediately find any scenario or problem that couldn’t be solved. No matter how much I like Arch, I think it indeed makes sens to have something Debian, possibly even Red Hat-based, in case you ever need it.


I have been a die hard Arch fan and test most Arch base OS :innocent: but my fall back OS is Debian Sid which I update daily.
Once in a while, I even take it for a ride. :wink:

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Bullseye! :grimacing:

Lol, I m on BL with Buster on my end.

I’m eyeing a move from Ubuntu to Debian Sid myself
I’ve been preparing in a VM :slight_smile:

If you go from ubuntu to debian @spaceman , I would suggest debian stable as stated by @anon42040838 above & install apt-listbugs also as a kind of security against some bugs or crap that can be going on.

Just my 2 cnt here.

Yep, SparkyLinux s a good choice also @GuiGirl , so many choices right ! lol

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ArchLabs is my main, stable “I’m careful with this one” distro… Debian is then the ‘experiment and go crazy’ distro, so I don’t mind it being unstable as long as I have all the latest goodies

Oh, understood, you re in for some fun with sid , sometimes it s pretty crazy ! lol

I learned my lessons breaking Manjaro several times.
I’m indeed keeping that sort of fun for Debian soon :smile:

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Oooh good tip. I’ve been thinking about giving that a spin

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