The archlabs usb installer have written protection and i cant format it

Hi i need to format my usb device its a kingston of 32gb and when i try to format it he says me its protected from written, Please help! Anticipate Thanks <3

did you try to format it with GParted !

Also the exact model please, might give us a clue.

Hope you can resolve your issue there @4Dk3


As stated above by @altman use GParted.
Also make sure it’s unmounted before formatting.


Yeah it worked so much Thanks. Sorry for no giving the exact model i dont know it.


It s all right, no problem mate.

Glad that you got it fixed !

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Mate, this is getting out of hand. Like I said in the other thread, put some effort in and search the issue first.

We will always help but this is starting to look like the first knee jerk reaction to a speed bump is to post a help thread here at the forum.