The Advent of Void

It seems that Void team is releasing a new advent calendar, tech oriented :slight_smile:
So, day1 is a small C compiler to make C source code usable as a script would. Not sure that’s really useful, but why not ?

That is a very cool idea.

Thanks for sharing.

Good idea , thx for the link @gazeka74
sshfs, to mount remote file system as if they were local. I don’t know if they are any alternatives, but it seems kinda cool.
ncdu, that makes a tree displaying information of space occupied by your files. I’ve just installed it, works like a charm !


I just set up the sshfs; works great.

Timely article, I’ve been meaning to set up ssh, if only to learn it better. Normally just use simple nfs for file sharing.

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another ssh related tool -


looks pretty handy.

Interesting tool - gromit-mpx - ; available from the AUR

Annotate your screen before taking a screenshot: