The "20191028" installation

Been totally into the updated or new distro for a couple of days. My knowledge has limits therefore I have questions.
On my first attempt to install I used lightdm but had som trouble with it (and there is at the moment a bug). I reinstalled and used gdm instead. I rarely use gnome and it seems that gdm also installs gnome by default? Could not log in to openbox from gdm. I to ly instead but that would not log at all. Problem with x and I have never used ly before. How do you configure ly? Archwiki only refer to the .ini file. I looked at the .ini file and nothing was enabled but I have no idea what to enable and there are about 20 choicese!
One other small thing. During installation I could not see an option to install grub on the same disk as installation. (Just a small thing)
I am using lxdm now. Lxdm works very well but it’s ugly and there are not many ways to configure and decorate.