I am of the mind that one can never say thanks too many times

So, thanks for ArchLabs

And thanks for the forum as well

good stuff :+1:


Well, yes, thx to AL team for the fine distro !


Thanks @leigh and @altman for being here!


@leigh without you here, we would have forgot about Schwinn bicycles. :dark_sunglasses:


@GreenMartian I just cant work it out. I now know what Schwinn bicycles are, however.
Please put me out of my misery :rofl:

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AL is simply the best. :wink:


I’ve just been working on a MS Word document (a Journal submission requires it) in a VM Win 10 instance in AL - seamless, and doesn’t feel any slower than my bloated Win10 dual boot installation

Hallelujah, All hail the OS of the Gods that is ArchLabs

I am so chuffed I found it :grin:

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Guess that Schwinn had one of the 1st MTBs back in the day.

I am like a terrier!
I had never heard of Schwinn bikes coming from the Motherland (although they, like the UK Triumph Motorcycles were actually started by German imigrants, but searching for ‘idioms’ and ‘Schwinn’ showed me that I had failed to think laterally - The original production ‘Chopper’ pushbike (UK for bicycle)

But, my avatar is actually a UK Raleigh Chopper, anyone from the UK and of a certain age will know them.

Its a Mk II standard 3-Speed Jet Black (Prismatic decal model).

I could only gaze longingly at them as a kid in the 70’s but then in the 90’s I went to the recycling centre in Southampton and there was this one thrown out, as it is in the piccy (I dont want a showroom finish one)

The 70’s kid in his flares and huge head of carrot hair beamed (and still beams) within me :rofl:

So, when I am out on it at home, people of a certain age like me always ask ‘is that a REAL Chopper?’, and then I bask in their envy :joy:

Worth far more than the around £1 K its apparently worth


Nice bike in there @leigh

This was the later model right as the former ( The MK1 model ) one was too easy to wheely as the weight due to seat placement was too backward !

Thanks @altman
I think so, and I know that the handle bar stem was fixed so ‘children’ couldn’t angle the handlebars backwards making the bike un-steerable - but damn cool :rofl:
Pesky kids!

Actually, my mate from my other install Endeavour OS thread is a vintage pushbike freak and locally renowned car sprayer (he would piss himself with laughing to hear me describe him like that) so He owes me one - The bike is Back In the UK so to speak and he will tidy it up (but not do a showroom restoration)

Hey that s cool @leigh

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Same galaxy @leigh … you had the flaming pipes, we had the glitter banana set. One thing is for sure, you didn’t want any sudden quick stops.


Was the Raleigh Chopper sold in Canada, @altman?

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Well, might have been, was a bit young ! lol

Wonder if it were the Schwinn s ones &/or Raleigh s Choppers that were sold here, I was a bit young then !lol But remeber seeing some that looked alike.

We used to have a plant at about an hour or so from Montreal up to the year 2000s for 40 years or so.

Sad, another plant closed then as with most other places also.


I’m older than AltMan :rofl:

Oh, another old fart ! lol

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Young whippersnappers. Get off my lawn. :wink:

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A big thank you from me as well,
Unfortunately, I have recently parted with my Heinkel Tourist Bj. 1959,. He was 1 year older than me.
Somehow I mourn him after, but you can not keep everything.

Sunburnt greetings from the Czech Republic,

stephan V-man