Wanted to let you (the devs, forum mods/admins, and user base) know how much I appreciate the OS, the feedback, the help and patience that you unselfishly continue to provide.

You all have made my Arch experience a great thing and in reality, I probably would not have succeeded at installing Arch or AL at all without the folks that contribute here.

This forum has been the backbone of my Arch learning experience and will continue to be a huge part of my Arch-life.

So once again, thank you to everyone. From the person that may only post once in great while, all the way up the chain. It all matters.



Thanks for the kind words Chris, means a lot.


Yep , Al s a pretty nice OS as well the forum s a nice place to be.

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Sincere words. I only took a month in the forum, but I join your words @Chris . Besides, I know that for the people who started all this, it has to be important to receive those words

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It means a lot to see that people are happy here and enjoying the Distro.

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Nice post. I agree with everything you’ve said. We’re all equally happy to have you here.


I cannot agree more in all respects… I waffled back and forth between Debian and Fedora. But I really missed the #! openbox life that I loved. I am back with the help of Archlabs!
I have a few tutorials in the works that I hope will help new users and those coming from Ubuntu or Fedora.



Can only be a good thing. Look forward to seeing them.