Thank you Archlabs!

it was your amazing distro that gave me the courage to eventually do an true blue Arch install. I still use a couple of your tools too with the vanilla Arch. Archlabs is also a wonderful way for those who are “Arch-curious” to try Arch pain free. I specifically gravitated toward Archlabs because it is simply Arch proper with an additional repo. I used Archlabs exclusively for nearly a year before attempting the vanilla Arch install. funny enough, my other laptop has Linux Mint, because it is easier to get RetroPie going with a Debian/Ubuntu distro. so I am no distro snob.

my girlfriend is originally from Russia and speaks Russian much better than English. she was using Linux Mint, but she had no issues installing Archlabs and quite loves it. it really is the perfect for someone who wants to try Arch, but is not technically inclined, or simply does not have the time to run through a vanilla Arch install. as a medical student, my gf falls into the former category. she loves the ability to use the AUR and not have to search the web for software not found in the main repos.

quite simply, Arch is one of the easiest systems to use, once it is set up. so it’s great that people have an option such as this, instead of only Manjaro. I have nothing against Manjaro, but I think Archlabs is the champion of the “easy to install” Arch crowd.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad that you got Arch installed and ArchLabs was your foundation to kick start you.

Hello @eyeoozeArchbtw, welcome to the forum. Спасибо за ваш отзыв

Glad that AL started your journey with Arch, lots of stuff to learn right !