Thank you, ArchLabs

For the longest time, I’ve been using Ubuntu/Mint. 18.04/19.1 respectively. I wanted something different, but not much of a headache like vanilla Arch is. I didn’t want to fall into the OpenSUSE world, either. Or the RHEL family.

I tried all those other “based on Arch” distros, like Antegros, ArchBang, Antix, Manjaro. None of them had what I wanted. For example, with Manjaro, I couldn’t install Yay because there was a dependency, (I can’t remember exact name) but ArchLabs did have this. ArchLabs made installing Yay and several other programs a breeze. Some of those above distros didn’t have all the options like you did. As choice of DE and WM, certain apps, LibreOffice, VLC, browser. Most distros are like “Here, you are stuck with ABC, do the rest your frickin self”

Always was looking for a new thing, but not having the floor disappear from under my feet.

As I said above, I came to you. I already know about BunsenLabs. So this was kind of a no-brainer. I always did like Crunchbang#! back in the Squeeze/Wheezy days. But Brunsen felt too alien for me, being on Ubuntu/Mint for so long. But you are like the bread and butter in a new frontier. You know, go where no man has gone before…

Keep it up, ArchLabs, and don’t let this fall like Crunchbang#! did…


Hey bro! #! never died, it just developed into archlabs to achieve the combined force of #! spirit, arch power and it’s rolling release. Nice you love it like I do!


Actually, #! did die, per se… It’s developer wasn’t working on it anymore. So, in a sense, #! was dead.

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As I understand it, Philip was trying to make a living out of #! and when it became clear that he couldn’t then he dropped it like a hot potato.

I’m sure Dobbie wouldn’t behave like that :slight_smile:

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No! Though I have no intention of making AL my main source of income. Would be nice but dreams are free.


Success cannot be measured by profit, AL is a beautiful creature that deserves all its good reputation and admiration.

I understand it requires hard work and commitment, all of us spend a considerable amount of our free time in front of a monitor, probably more than we should. What we can achieve from that depends on our choice: you can get a thousand of followers on Twitter, master you favourite videogame or create and share with others something awesome.

I personally will never stop being grateful to the AL team and community.

Thank you guys and sorry for talking like my grandmother.


least you didn’t say any old-day swear words. Like fudge… LOL

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