Thank You and not me

A few days ago I received a PM from @AvnSgt and he has decided to move on from AL. Larry has done an amazing job with the documentation and given me a solid base to start from.

Also as most of you have read that @anon37345411 has decided to move on as well. Glenn did a brilliant job moderating the forum and keeping the place running.

I’m going to miss both their input and guidance.

I thank both @anon37345411 and @AvnSgt for their efforts in promoting, working with, helping, supporting, growing, teaching and almost living and breathing ArchLabs. Your place is always open.

One that note, I am on the look for new moderators. If you are interested please send me a PM.

Also if anyone wants to start getting themselves involved in ArchLabs I will be needing help with the Documentation. PM me if you are wanting to help.

Thanks all.


Gee, not him also ! That s a sad news, keep it on @AvnSgt @anon37345411


I thank everyone for the work done and a big good luck.


Thank you for those ultra kind words Matt :slight_smile:

I’m here, just reading more and writing less. Perhaps in a couple months when I’m taken off the medication which makes me loopy (more loopy) :grin: I’ll reengage more with the forum.

Very sorry to hear about Larry, hope everything is ok and wish him the very best!


Glad to see you mate. Hope that you re doing well.


I can tell you my experience, as you know I was postive hcv and active, I did almost 42 months of ribavirina and pegasis (interferon) and it was hard, but thanks to the forum of hcv I did not feel abandoned, if I can give you advice not to close up like a hedgehog is not good for the mind and health.
You could see if there is a forum where you talk about your pathology, it might help you on nights of pain and insomnia.
Hello and big hug of new, never give up.
Ps) If you need to talk, I’m always there.
I hope the translation is correct


Thank you my friend :slight_smile: I’ll certainly keep in mind talking to you.

Right now, feeling good, no sign of this spreading and thank the Maker they just happened to find this or I’d be doomed. Very much engaged with friends and family & believe to live a normal life. Had to segregate myself from the forum because of how I began relating other’s posts. :slight_smile:

@altman You’re one of my very favorite people and I thank you for the love & support. :slight_smile:


This is great news, Glenn!!! I can imagine how the fam must be feeling about now and what a great Xmas present too!


Point understood @anon37345411 . Take the time, no worries.